Frequently Asked Questions

We have put a list of FAQ's together. If there is anything further that you wish to know, please feel free to touch base with us directly via email and we will endeavor to get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Tours are fully guided and thorough safety briefings and demonstrations are provided but you must be at least 16 YEARS of age or more and hold a restricted or full driver license to drive our Jet Skis

No, your guide will tell you everything you need to know and all safety gear is provided

Bring along sunglasses, swimmers, towel and sunscreen (just like a day at the beach). Don't forget your sense of adventure! We will fit you out on the Jet Ski with all the necessary safety gear and riding apparel.

Guests are provided with bright top of the line Yamaha Life Vests and for the driver a TVK hat with communications.

Given the nature of the tour, it may be best to leave your valuables at home or at your accommodation however, there is a small water resistant glove box for electronics and valuables, and another additional 115L compartment at the front of the ski for larger items. TVK Water Sports will not be held liable or accountable for any damage or loss to valuables or items should you choose to take them on your tour.

Where we go is primarily dictated by the tour that you book but all of our guided tours are over the reef. Weather and sea conditions will also play a part in terms of where we depart from and where we go around the Island.

Please refer to our 'Adventures ' Section however, this is dependent on the guided tour that you book.
A Guided Jet Ski tour is 1 hour total which includes exit and entry of the harbour.
A guided Jet Ski tour with lunch is 1 1/2 hours of which around 30-40 minutes is taken up by coming into Avarua harbour to anchor and sitting down for lunch. The remainder is on your Jet Ski.
A Jet Ski and sea biscuit ride is 1 hour total which includes exit and entry of the harbour.
A guided Jet Ski tour around the Island is a total 2 hour tour which also includes exit and entry of the harbour, finished off with a beach-side picnic on your own private Island beach.
Game Fishing and Group Bookings are by request only and particulars are to be discussed.

If you wish to book additional time on the water, please touch base with our office via email and we will facilitate your booking

A 1 hour guided Jet Ski Tour is $350 per Ski or $175 per person twin share.
A 1 hour guided Jet Ski and Sea Biscuit ride is $350 per Ski or $175 per person twin share.
A guided Jet Ski Tour with pre-ordered Lunch at Trader Jacks is $400 per Ski or $225 per person twin share. Allocate 1 hour 45 minutes.
A guided Jet Ski Tour around Rarotonga is $500 per ski or $300 twin share (excluding food & refreshments).
Game Fishing and Group Bookings are by request only and particulars are to be discussed.

Unless otherwise specified, there are no additional costs

Unless otherwise specified, food and drinks are not provided. Refer to our 'Adventures' section for further detail.
Our Guided Jet Ski Tour with Lunch and our Guided Jet Ski Tour around Rarotonga includes food and drinks.

You will most likely encounter an array of marine life including sea turtles and whales (in season).

Two adults can travel twin share. You can also travel solo if you wish to be the sole rider of the jet ski.

Yes our guided tours are suitable for families and are a great day out on the water. The minimum driver age is 16 years and they must hold a current restricted or full drivers license to drive the jet ski. The minimum passenger age is 8 years old.

Refer to our 'Adventures' page and bookings for further details as time slots vary by adventure and availability. Our respective tours operate between 9am & 4pm.

All customers must meet at our TVK office in Muri to go through our operation, full safety and induction process prior to each tour. From here you will be taken down the road to Avana harbour where you will depart on your guided tour.

No. Pick up is not included. If need be we can offer suitable options for you to choose from.

You are more than welcome to take your own photos on the day at your own risk. TVK Water Sports cannot be held liable for any mobile devices or cameras that go swimming or are water damaged! We do take photos on occasion and will be happy to share with you where possible.

We adhere to all boating rules and international standards and also where laws have been introduced for jet ski hire and jet ski tour operators.
You must not exceed a speed of 5 knots/9km/hr (a fast walking speed) if you are:
within the harbour
within 200m of the shore
within 200m of any structure
within 200m of a boat displaying a diver’s flag
within 50m of any other boat
within 50m of a person swimming
During the guided tour and once out in the open ocean, for safety reasons we do not exceed 30 knots/55kmhr.

TVK Water Sports offer a selection of adventure tour options where we primarily operate from Avana Harbour and for most suitable weather conditions. In strong South Easterly winds (our prominent trade winds), and when sea conditions do not allow, we have an alternative site where we will look to operate from.
The tours operate on most days and vary depending on weather, wind and sea conditions. We do always warn guests if the conditions are a little windy and a more adventurous tour is expected and it is at the guests discretion if they want to take on the adventure!
In extreme weather and sea conditions tours will not operate but if it is just raining... no problem... you are going to get wet anyway!

Yes. If you unexpectedly fall into the water, you do need to be confident to swim back to your own jet ski. For customers and guests with little or no experience, the tour guides offer dedicated attention, personalised service and briefings with extra tuition as needed and you can always travel near the guide en-route. Full safety gear including life vests are provided which aid in buoyancy. Above average fitness level and confidence in open waters are necessary for the around Rarotonga guided tour.

Being an adventurous activity, we need to be aware of the extent of any disability. We are obliged to meet specific safety criteria and ensure that guests have a suitable level of fitness and understand the basics of the safety brief. TVK Water Sports is obliged to assess the capability of each guest and ascertain that they will not be a danger to themselves or to others, and at our sole discretion determine whether a guest may or may not participate in our tours.
We are capable of catering to a range of physical and mental disabilities, but we do need to be made aware in advance so that we are prepared to provide additional attention and assistance in every way. In some instances a medical certificate may be necessary. Above average fitness level and confidence in open waters are necessary for the around Rarotonga guided tour.

Yes. We provide very detailed and important verbal safety and jet ski training briefings and demonstrations before each guided tour so it is important that anyone driving a jet ski understands English.

We have 6 jet skis in total but a minimum of 1 is always allocated for our guide. Pending availability, a total of 5 jet skis can be hired at any given time with a maximum of 10 people.

Our tours are perfect for a small group wanting a day out on the water - large families, conference, rewards, incentives, students, wedding groups, corporate, or just a bunch of friends! We have an adventure package available for large groups that can be tailor made to suit!

Weight restrictions do apply, with a maximum of two adults per jet ski or 200kg per jet ski.

2023 Yamaha VX Limited Jet Skis

Yes. One or two tour guides travel with every group, depending on numbers. Thorough safety briefing and demonstrations are provided by a qualified tour guide and tours are fully supervised at all times.

Yes. Sea turtles, Sea birds and Whales (in season) are often sighted. Our local inhabitants of the sea are precious to us so when they are near, our guides will ensure that your speed is reduced and a respectful distance is maintained.

Yes of course! TVK Water Sports will attempt to cater to any special request (within reason) and can tailor tours to suit. Wedding proposals, birthday surprises, anniversaries and private charters and tours - not a problem!